Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Everyone living as a technology project manager or in any job description where “technology project manager” falls into knows that there are both good projects and bad.  They also know that most of them, regardless of a “good” or “bad” designation, are only done at the cost of their sanity – and precisely how much sanity is dictated by the conditions outside of their control.

The type that’s nearest and dearest to my head recently (but nowhere near dearest to my heart) is the type that starts with a tremendous delay.  Paperwork’s done. equipment’s in. Everything’s good to go.  But due to other unseen forces, the start date is pushed a ridiculous degree back.  But then due to other unseen forces, the finish date actually moves forward.

Then the fun begins.  What am I saying here?  Listen to your tech PM and his or her army of project nerds.  Because one thing that isn’t unseen is that something rushed like that is its own Cthulhu.

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