Wednesday, December 11, 2019

It may seem like it’s a far ways away, but 2017 is almost done, which means it’s prime time to start looking at convention lineups for 2018. That includes PAX East, the east coast’s biggest convention for games and gamers. The sprawling show will make its yearly descent upon the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center this coming April. 2018’s show brings a major change for ticketing – a remedy of sorts for all of us that have gone through the woes of experiencing cons only through at pics and videos online – passless, listless, and most importantly, gamesless.

That major change? PAX East will now run for 4 days instead of 3. The show will run from Thursday the 5th through Sunday the 8th of April, 2018. More like PAX Beast, amirite kids? But I digress.

“While my biggest joy is helping bring millions of gamers together at PAX, my biggest disappointment is not being able to share the experience with more people,” said Jerry Holkins, co-founder, Penny Arcade. “With PAX East’s expansion to four days, we expect even more people will be able to join us for our best show yet at PAX East 2018.”

And that’s awesome. Even more awesome because it’s an east coast show, and brings the experience to a more accessible location for fans that can’t always make the journey out to Washington or California for a gaming convention.

PAX East has become the premier east coast event for gamers since its debut in 2010. The annual expo quickly sells out, drawing tens of thousands for a celebration of gaming culture with reveals from the biggest publishers, hands-on demos with the most hotly anticipated titles, panels with industry icons, eSports tournaments with world-class players, concerts with game inspired music and much more.

Single day badges are available for purchase via the official PAX East registration page for $53 USD. Exclusive PAX East 2018 merchandise, including a blanket ($40), socks ($25), and a dice set ($40) are on sale exclusively through the online store. These items can be added onto PAX East badge orders and will be shipped out prior to the expo.

Even with the expanded show, tickets are still going fast. As of now (Friday afternoon), Saturday passes are already gone, and I’m sure that the rest will start disappearing soon. If you’ve ever wanted to go to a PAX show, or have and want to return for more excellence, head over to that link now and secure that admission.

See you in Boston in April everyone!

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