Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Ahhh fall.  A magical time where the temperatures drop, the leaves begin to turn those lovely shades of red and gold, and I along with others face a blinding white hot rage that consumes our being every morning on the way to work.

Anyone who lives in the Philly are and traverses I-95 southbound knows what I’m talking about.  Specifically around the bridge exits.  Summertime is a vacation for us too – from commuter students to local buses to the sheer additional traffic volume the fall brings.  Then there’s the leftover construction from the jobs that started two summers ago, taking away lanes and closing exits – all things that cause me (and I’m sure you), to have to resort to increasingly awful acts of autobatics in response to others, all in all giving me pause and worry every morning that I am, in fact, becoming a worse and worse person every single day.

Thanks, PennDOT.

I know Philadelphia and I-95 aren’t the only places – I feel your pain across the entire US of A, kids. Cities across the land where folks go to work already passing as part of the undead class before even clocking in, where seemingly no amount of caffeine can release us from the shackles.

ouch, my head…

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