Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Greetings everyone!

As we swing into the end of 2011 and get ready to start 2012, I came to the fun (and to be honest a little surprising) realization that I’ve hit post number 100 and actually have people reading my posts . OK fine, technically I’ve only written 99 and this one isn’t a regular one.  But you know what, hop into the World of Warcraft Firelands raid and you’ll see that Ragnaros dies when you get him to 10% so I don’t even want to hear any of your noise about numbers.
I started this little project in January 2010 as something to do in my free time, with the initial intent being a lofty one of being a video game review site.  A few friends of mine and I did just that years ago in college with a site called 16-bit Psychosis.  It was a lot of fun with a bunch of us working on it and I kind of missed the process, so I figured I’d be game again (no pun intended).  But as a professional instead of a student, I just didn’t have the time or patience to play through multiple entire games every month for the sole purpose of writing articles about them.  So I decided to leave that the video game professionals that do that sort of thing for a living.
Abandoning the concept of “having to have a review every week” and just writing on what I see and my thoughts really opened up the content of this thing, and the enjoyment I get from it   So yes I still write about games, but have been able to write about more stuff, like technology, law, politics, and more importantly the sometimes insane interactions between all those things.  Seeing my hit counter scrolling up really does motivate me to write better stuff.  I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading the stuff I put out here as much as I enjoy writing it.
The next post will pick back up in a couple days with something legit.  We still have the obligatory year end lists to go through.  Lists of what you ask?  Got me but I’ll come up with something.  State of tech?  Maybe my 2012 predictions?  Me vs Nostradamus in the Brown Town Arena?  We’ll see.  And I think I can go ahead and drop the post numbers now.
So before I do, I’ll use number 100 to just say thank you for reading, and all my people around the world, happy holidays, whatever holiday that may be – I hope 2011 was decent year and that you all are celebrating it ending well.
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